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This last week has been a trying one.  Not that it has been out of kilter with troubles and worries.  Just that it has been a busy week and it has been a bit difficult in staying on top of the study.  I have not been able to participate as I would love to, but I am able to keep up with my readings and devotions.  I have a wonderful supporter who brings beautiful tidbits of the study to me almost every morning through email and text, which gives me a desire to join in again, no matter what is happening around me.  🙂  Thank you again my sweet daughter.  I love this devotion you shared with me as well.

First I want to also thank Darlene Sala for sharing in the devotion this morning.  I am so thankful for the wisdom that is being shared within this study and pray for the Lords light to shine through it all.
Imagine that…we are works of art.  Made by the greatest artist in the universe.  I love what Darlene shared:  “When it comes to placing a value on a piece of art, that value is derived from three things:”
Who made it?
How many are there like it?
What is someone willing to pay for it?
Even when I look at these questions I am in wonder.
Who made it?  Who made this piece of art?  This piece of art which is me?  The God of the universe…let that sink in…the GOD of the UNIVERSE.  There is no other like Him and no other comparison to Him.  Just imagine, He made me.  Loved the idea of me so much that He had to make sure that I came into being.  And only in the perfect way He chose, and with only what He felt I needed in order to be the person He wanted me to be.  Amazing…
If you look up the word ‘art’ in Websters Dictionary, you will find the definition to say:  art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.
Wow, I am so humbled and in awe or our Lord.  Not because I think I am an incredible work of art, but that HE thought I was important enough to make me the perfect individual He saw in His imagination, and with His perfect skills, made me the beautiful person I am today.  With all my flaws and imperfections that have been acquired during this incredibly difficult walk through this life, He has given me so many blessings that I couldn’t be more grateful for.  Because of His love for us all, He has created each one of us and has given us a uniquely incredible identity.  Set apart from anyone else, His own flavor stamped on our hearts, made to savor only through His love and expression.  There is only one like me, only one who is perfectly me.  Me…the one our God of the Universe felt was important enough to send His own son from Heaven, to become the very thing that would ultimately separate me from His loving arms for all eternity…sin.  Jesus left his Father, the God of our universe, and the Heaven that He was so secure and safe within, to make sure that we would be a part of that eternity with them.  To come to this earth and die a death He did not deserve…for me…for us…that is what our Father was willing to pay for me. Me, a person who is so undeserving of such love, yet in His eyes worthy of love and actually an eternity of that love.  “For our sake he made him [Jesus] to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”  (2 Corinthians 5:21, NRSV)
I am humbled Lord, just saying thank you does not express my hearts love for Your graciousness and mercy.  I will never understand the importance You have placed on my being, but I pray that my life will somehow honor You as you deserve.  Only You can make my life meaningful in the way you saw it would be from the very beginning.  I pray that I will walk towards that light and follow without reservation.  I pray for the strength to become the person you desire me to be. To be the work of art you imagined me to be.
Thank you Lord for directing me towards this amazing study.  Made to Crave has allowed me to open up my life to you again, and to realize the changes that needed to be made in order for me to be able to hear you and to take a direction towards you again.  This has been an exciting and undeniable journey you have orchestrated around my life, and have designed for purposes only you can deliver to my heart.  Thank you and I praise you Lord for all you are doing within this study for not just me, but the thousands of women and men seeking your guidance.  Amen…