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I find it rather interesting when I start out ‘gung hoe’ on something but after the first couple of days it becomes a chore.  I look at my first blog and it is hard to believe that I have allowed my thoughts to become as far away from that day as they could be.  It ‘s amazing as to how easy it is to forget that there is an enemy out there that wants to completely destroy us.  Thankfully, I start to become stronger when I do remember that.

I realize that this week has been a real struggle only because I have taken my eyes off the prize.  🙂  My Lord and my relationship with him is where I want my focus to be, even more so than my goal for losing this weight.  Although my losing weight started just two and 1/2 weeks ago, my journey away from the Lord’s arms started 8 years ago and with this study He has welcomed me back into His loving arms without reservation.  Needless to say this study couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

The Lord has always been there for me, but because of hurt and my own selfishness I did not always acknowledge that fact, or even embrace it for many years.  It wasn’t until this study was shared with me by my sweet daughter that my eyes were opened to honestly looking at my life and what my goals in it really were.  From doing that this first week, I have found many ‘cravings’ that have taken my eyes off the Lord.  Just about everything in my life has been used by the enemy to keep my focus on anything else but the Lord.

Truly it is ‘freeing’ to finally come to a conclusion as to what it is that has come between my relationship with God, and now I can name it in just one word…CRAVINGS.  Cravings that have consumed my thoughts and a drive to be better in the realm of work, being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, loosing weight, looking good, and household financial contribution just to name a few.   By continually trying to stay so focused on it all I have managed to set God aside while I work it all out myself.  Well, what has come from it all is that my life has become a mess of unresolved issues that continue to eat at me on a daily basis until I have no more room for anything else, including the Lord.  By becoming involved with this study, I have at least come to the above conclusions and honestly can’t wait to see what more the Lord has to show me.

You see, up until now I wasn’t listening to God.  I didn’t have time withing my heart or mind to hear what He was trying to tell me.   I didn’t have time with everything else taking up space within my mind.  There was absolutely no room to bring in doubt that I might not be going about things in the way the Lord may have wanted me to.  But this week, the Lord has literally provided more time in my day and has directed me to the Made To Crave study.  He has broken through my barriers  with a flood of insight, and has promised to walk me through each ‘craving’ that includes a victorious ending, and today I am so excited to take His hand and let Him lead me.  Thank you God!!!

I pray for strength and direction and a hope for solutions of honor for my Lord.  AMEN